Indiana Park

Here you fly without wings!

Indiana Park... Here you fly without wings!
With over 15 years of experience, Indiana Park is the first and largest adventure park for children, teenagers and adults in Puglia, for number and variety of acrobatic routes.
The park opens the door to a world of leisure and fun, where anyone can try adrenaline adventures on top of the trees. Here you will find acrobatic trails for all tastes: from those designed for toddlers to those for older children, up to those dedicated to teenagers and adults.
You can live a game of exciting challenges and suspended paths surrounded by greenery, including ropes, nets, beams, walkways, slides, zip-lines, bridges and much more, to give you the emotion of fully experiencing nature.
All this is Indiana Park, where every step corresponds to a new adventure.


The Indiana Park team is composed of experienced instructors specialized in all the activities of the park, who will be at your disposal to offer you assistance.
They will guide you and provide you with the necessary information, the equipment (harness, helmet, pulley and carabiners) and everything you need to have fun in total safety.


sneakers or trekking shoes and socks

open shoes

no heels,
sandals, etc


NO skirts
and shorts


in the park

Guests with special needs

In Indiana Park, adventure is for everyone.
Visitors with disabilities can safely access the park. For any information and clarification about the accessibility of the routes, do not hesitate to contact us.
For guests not self-sufficient, unable to make the adventure paths, admission and any educational workshops are free.
Inside the adventure park there are toilets for disabled guests.

Picnic Area and Barbecue

The appetite comes... Playing!
The adventure park has a large picnic area with over 300 seats, tables and benches. Inside the park you can introduce your own food. In addition, there is a bar service selling water and fresh drinks, ice cream and coffee.
The picnic area is also equipped with a barbecue corner that visitors can use freely and share with other guests of the park. The necessary (grill, charcoal) is to be paid by the customer.
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