The activity consists of covering an aerial trail that develops between a tree and the other through different installations, of increasing difficulty.

Inside the adventure park you will find three types of paths: baby paths for children from 2 to 5 years; paths for children from 5 to 11 years; paths for children (over 12 years) and adults, which include the black path (the most challenging) for those taller than 1,45 m/ 4,7 ft.

From the moment of your arrival, our infopoint will be available to answer any questions. We remind you that to face the suspended trails special athletic skills are not required, anyone can try their hand at the activity and spend a few hours of healthy and pleasant fun in the company of friends or family.


Fill the entry form


Purchase the participant’s age ticket


Go to the Dressing Area


Follow the instructor in the Briefing Area


Start the activity from the easiest route, which will be indicated to you by the instructors
To receive the individual equipment (helmet, harness, longes with carabiners, pulley) it is necessary to present an ID at the info point. For families or groups only one document (that of the person responsible of the group) is required.

The documents will be returned when the material is returned. For families or groups, the documents will be returned when the last component has returned the material in its possession.

We remind you that the gear up phase is the task of the instructors only. They will always take it off or put it back, in the cases foreseen.

It is forbidden to keep the equipment over the allowed time and leave the park with it. For use contrary to what is allowed, the Management reserves the right to collect the equipment before the time expires.
In the briefing area an instructor will show you how to progress on the trails and in the various acrobatic steps. Then everyone will have to make a short test, demonstrating a correct understanding of the instructions.

This step is one of our safety measures and is always mandatory. Therefore, it is not allowed to start the activity before taking part in the briefing phase and without the permission of the instructor.

The paths for toddlers and children must be carried out by children under the supervision and responsibility of an adult. Minors are admitted to the routes only in the presence of a responsible adult who must sign a warning sheet.
During the trail you will be totally autonomous. In case of need or any problems, a qualified instructor will bring you back to the ground.

Safety will always be guaranteed, provided that the rules of conduct are carefully observed. The execution mode provides starting from the easiest trail and the gradual transition to the subsequent trails, of increasing difficulty.
At the expiration time of your ticket you must go to the info point for the equipment handover and the return of the document.

WARNING: for every 15 minutes of delay there is a penalty of 5 euros.
Do not forget that there will be other people waiting to take over your equipment, so you need to be on time.


We recommend sporty and comfortable clothing (no skirts, no open shoes), long trousers and trainers, hair collected and no fluttering chains. We recommend that you leave any personal items that may hinder the progression of the activity (keys, mobile phones, etc.).
Exclusive use of the equipment provided by the park is mandatory (harness, carabiners with longes, pulley, helmet). The only personal items allowed are any gloves and the helmet. The technical equipment is absolutely personal and cannot be given to other people: this action constitutes a serious danger to other's safety, as it is always mandatory to attend the briefing phase first.
You are solely responsible for the equipment delivered to you.
The activity may present dangers ONLY if the instructions of the instructors are not followed.
For each route, the assistants will always be available to advise and help you in case of need.
It is mandatory to remain ALWAYS attached to the life line with carabiners, marked in red.
One person at a time can go through the installation. If at the moment of arrival on a platform, the next one is busy, you have to wait for your turn.
A maximum of two people can stay on the same platform.
Minors must always be accompanied by a responsible adult (on the route and on the ground).


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